June 2023.

To support and empower unemployed youth to achieve their business aspirations, a transformative three-day training programme involving 25 budding entrepreneurs, from within the Siyancuma Municipality, recently took place. Aimed at providing participants with valuable skills and knowledge to effectively manage their own businesses, the programme is designed to stimulate and develop local enterprises.

This Business Management Training programme, which is funded by Boikanyo Solar in collaboration with the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), offered participants a valuable opportunity to gain insights into the business environment and learn how to apply essential skills to their entrepreneurial endeavours.

“Given the pressing issue of youth unemployment in Siyancuma, we emphasise the importance of investing in our young people. Our commitment to their well-being drives us to make a meaningful impact on their lives by providing comprehensive training programmes to help empower them to achieve their goals, acquire valuable knowledge, and cultivate a deeper comprehension of the business world,” said Stephaline Fanie, Boikanyo Solar’s Community Liaison Officer.

The curriculum covered a wide range of topics, including Entrepreneurship; Business Management; and Financial Management. This comprehensive programme has been designed to facilitate networking, enhance knowledge of funding opportunities, and provide practical guidance for managing profitable businesses.

Vumile Gogela, one of the participants enthusiastically expressed his appreciation for the knowledge gained, stating, “It was interesting to learn about aspects we were aware of but didn’t take seriously, which often led to the downfall of our businesses. This training has opened our minds and provided us with the tools to avoid repeating past mistakes. It is our guiding light to a successful future.”

Participants who successfully completed the training received a Certificate of Attendance, a valuable addition to their curriculum vitae, highlighting their commitment to professional development and entrepreneurship. The acquired skills will play a crucial role in equipping these young entrepreneurs with the practical knowledge needed to manage their businesses effectively.

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